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Grandmaster Kim's Vision

A martial art that has evolved

Over the course of his career, Grandmaster Kim has never stopped expanding his skills and refining his art. In fact, he began his circle of training again, starting from scratch. Drawing on his real-life experience in combat and his training with masters from all over the world, he has brought together practical and effective techniques for over 10 different weapons as well as grappling, sparring and traditional hand and foot techniques focusing on power and speed. He has now put those years of experience and research together to form a new martial art system, known as Chun Kuhn Do.

But why form a new martial art when he has established himself as a master of Taekwon-Do? Over the years he has seen his beloved art become more specialized and, eventually, relegated to a sport. Grandmaster Kim's vision has always been one of a complete system — encompassing all areas of self-defense, armed and unarmed. He describes this art as 'a complete scientific art of health and fitness.'

Grandmaster Kim's vision is of an art that isn't about politics, but about real, effective self-defense skills. It's truly a martial art for martial artists.

He wants to break the mold and start fresh, creating an organization that meets the needs of the modern martial artists.

What's In It For You?

  • Advanced training
  • An organization focused on the martial art members
  • A system that is easily integrated into your current curriculum
  • Clear performance standards for every school

What Benefits for the Future?

Master Kim and his Regional Directors are working on more practical benefits for members.

  • Life insurance
  • Discounted health insurance
  • Retirement planning
  • Instructor training

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