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A Martial Arts Legend Takes It to the Next Level

Grandmaster  Bok Man Kim, the famous Taekwon-do practitioner, has developed a new art — Chun Kuhn Do. This art was developed during 50 years of research and experience, beginning with his career in the Korean army spent developing armed and unarmed combat techniques for Tae Kwon Do, and continuing still to this day spending as much time as possible working with black belts and masters from many different martial arts.

These experiences have resulted in very practical, effective Chun Kuhn Do techniques. It’s also resulted in a very open, flexible style that allows for growth and improvement.

Practical Techniques for Real Application

Unlike many martial arts that focus on only one type of technique — like grappling or hand and foot sparring — Grandmaster Kim has developed a style with many applications.

  • Hand and foot techniques
  • Grappling
  • Free sparring
  • Weapons
  • Weapons sparring
  • Self defense

All of the Chun Kuhn Do methods were developed with real world applications in mind. It incorporates over 10 weapons:

  • Sword and double sword
  • Cane
  • Baton (short stick) and double baton
  • Bayonet
  • Knife and double knives
  • Kamas
  • Combat fan and double fan
  • Pole
  • Linked-batons (nun-chucks) and double linked-batons
  • Spear

Chun Kuhn Do has taken the practical, easy-to-learn qualities of Taekwondo, and applied them to grappling and weapons techniques. Chun Kuhn Do makes a great addition to any martial arts school program.

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